Oncology Assist

Target cancer and serious illnesses with this unique blend of specific bioactive compounds from Reishi and Turkey tail mushrooms. Best used as a supportive therapy in cancer patients of varying stages, particularly those experiencing immunosuppression. Immune stimulation increases important cancer-combating activities in the body. In addition, these extracts enhance the anti-tumour effects of chemotherapy by promoting the faster death rate of tumour cells, inhibiting the development of secondary malignant growth and diminishing the immune suppression brought on by factors related to carcinogenesis.    


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Reishi and Turkey Tail

A naturally effective complementary supplement to support your immune system and overall health in your fight against cancer and other serious illnesses. This exclusive blend of specific bioactive compounds from Reishi and Turkey Tail extracts work together to protect the body from damaging treatment side effects while increasing effectiveness and supporting faster recovery.

Research shows marked changes in immune response by helping cancer-fighting cells – called lymphocytes – to activate. This can result in a decrease in the number and size of tumours.

Reishi and Turkey Tail mushroom extracts also contain a wide range of beneficial anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial and cardio, liver and gastro-protective compounds.

Take with Kuja Premium Blend

Target cancer and serious illnesses with this unique blend of specific bioactive compounds from Reishi and Turkey tail mushrooms.


100 Capsules


(Take with Kuja Premium Blend)

Severe illness:
Morning – 5 caps (Oncology Assist)
Evening – 3 caps (Premium Blend)

Less severe illness:
Morning – 3 caps (Oncology Assist)
Evening – 2 caps (Premium Blend)


Delivery in three to five business days (South Africa only)


Moneyback guarantee


Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by SAHPRA for its quality, safety or intended use (D33.6: complementary medicine, western herbal medicine).
Health supplement: always consult a health care practitioner before taking any supplement with medication or underlying medical conditions.
Introduce gradually.
Not tested for consumption during pregnancy and lactation.


Each vegan capsule contains a blend of specific bio-active components extracted from pure Turkey Tail and Reishi.

Total extract

Per serving serving of 5 capsules: 2750 mg

9 reviews for Oncology Assist

  1. Veronica de Abreu

    Living with an auto immune disease was a daily struggle, but since taking Oncology Assist and Premium Blend, I’ve found relief from the excruciating joint and shooting leg pains that kept me up at night. The blood tests don’t lie – the inflammation markers have decreased significantly. I’m grateful for these life-changing products that have given me my life back.

  2. Willem Smuts

    As a health coach I recommend products from the Kuja range to my clients and I’m seeing a general improvement with my clients that are using the products consistently. Also, the Oncology Assist combined with Premium Blend for Cancer patients are a big help for them, especially those on chemo find that they are able to function a lot better while on the chemo, if they take these 2 products. (Naturally Yours – Health Coach)

  3. Amritha Rugbeer

    I cannot thank Premium Blend enough for the miraculous healing it has brought to my helper, Tracy. When she was diagnosed with an 11cm x 10cm fibroid, I knew we had to act fast. But after just one week of taking the capsules, Tracy felt better, more positive, and energetic. And in just a few short months, the fibroid had reduced to 5cm, leading to the cancellation of her scheduled surgery. Tracy is ecstatic and continues to take Premium Blend. Thank you for your amazing medicinal mushrooms.

  4. Luschka Templeman

    Kuja’s healing mushrooms have made such a difference in reducing the symptoms of my auto immune, especially the Oncology Assist / Premium Blend combination. I also use Tremella for the menopausal symptoms. I function better during the day and now sleep without needing sleeping pills. It’s made such an improvement in my life that I now recommend them to my friends and stock in my clinic for my clients too. (Plump Cherry Medical Spa)

  5. Shirley Gounden

    I was diagnosed with Triple Negative breast cancer on June 6. I turned to Kuja Oncology Assist and Premium blend mushrooms introduced by my daughter. Taking them for 6 months alongside chemotherapy, the results were remarkable. I started chemotherapy on 27th June and before my second chemo, the oncologist couldn’t feel the lump. On August 9, sonar reports revealed an 86% reduction in the right breast lump and a 33% reduction in the left. By September 15, the reductions were 94% and 57%, respectively. My mind has been peaceful, calm and I have been positive that I am victorious of this race against cancer. Yay! to Kuja Wellness for this magical product which I’ve been highly recommending to all cancer patients.


  6. Tahlia Sheik

    I am so impressed with these products. The Oncology Assist and Premium stack really helped in getting positive results with cancer. Since introduction, chemo dosages were reduced and then stopped. Highly recommend.


  7. Vadusha Pillay

    I was facing an emergency hysterectomy and oncology treatment for fibroids and tumors. Instead, I chose a combination of alternative healing and Oncology Assist with Premium Blend. In 4 months, I had completely healed myself. I felt like a new person with no more symptoms, extreme pain, or fatigue. My energy levels have skyrocketed, and there have been no side effects. I am grateful to have my life back.


  8. Dr Isabella Van Niekerk

    I took Premium Blend in combination with the Oncology Assist when I got a stomach ulcer, and it helped heal it in 3 weeks. I’ve seen it work for so many things, it’s not just for cancer, it also helped my patients with chronic arthritis too. These mushrooms are truly miraculous.

    Rubicon Persona Clinic

  9. Almarie Venter

    I’m blown away by the positive impact these products have had on my auto-immune struggles. The Oncology Assist and Premium Blend give me sustained energy and clearer thinking, unlike anything else I’ve tried. Even better, my clients with neurological issues, teens, and children report improved focus and energy levels. Simply put, these products are truly wonderful.

    Re-Mind Wellness
    Somerset West

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