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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve searched the world to bring you the very best mushroom extracts. China has a rich history with cultivating and using medicinal mushrooms, and are the leaders at producing a wide range these precious fungi to the highest standard. Our trusted relationship with our ISO 9001 certified growing partners ensures quality and integrity at every step of the process.

We recommend taking your mushroom supplements on a daily basis to allow your body to adjust to the beneficial compounds and experience their full benefits.

There’s no set recommendation – try taking them at different times of the day and see how your body and mind respond.

This varies from person to person but with consistent use over time, you’ll notice an increasing number of benefits start to ‘kick in’, such as feeling sick less often or being calmer and more focused.

Mushrooms often work together in synergy, resulting in greater benefits when taken in combination rather than separately.

While there are currently no established toxic levels associated with medicinal mushrooms, please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner if you’re considering exceeding the recommended dose.


Here is some of the research on the remarkable healing power of these mushrooms.

Lion’s Mane and the brain: Study identifies new compounds in “smart mushroom”

Immune Modulation From Five Major Mushrooms: Application to Integrative Oncology

The effects of Beta-glucans on human immune and cancer cells

Significance of medicinal mushrooms in Integrative Oncology

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