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      Our fantastic fungi fans

      Lilia Don Gauteng

      Since incorporating Tremella and Achiever Blend into my daily routine, I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall energy levels, sense of wellbeing and have felt a vast improvement in my mental clarity and focus. I cannot recommend the products highly enough and I am confident that they can provide similar benefits to others as well.

      Lindsey van Rooyen Gauteng

      I started using the Achiever Blend a year ago and found it energised my entire system to allow me to work at 68 years of age with the energy similar to when I was 50. I used to feel burnt out and exhausted and just wanted to sleep all the time. I am busy building a business and work full time for a company and still have stamina to play 9 holes of golf 4 x a week and walk 5 km a day. My immune system is strong and I feel exceptionally healthy. I am so grateful for how this product has helped me.

      Prabahn Govender Gauteng

      I am so impressed with these products. The Oncology assist and Premium combo really helped in getting positive results with Cancer. Since using this combo the chemo dosages were reduced and then stopped. The Premium Blend also had a really great improvement in my cognitive abilities and energy for work. Highly recommend.

      Etienne Venter Gauteng

      I have been using the Premium and Achiever Blends for the past 12 months and I have experienced a massive improvement in my daily productivity and health. I own a surf school and thus a very active lifestyle and after a full day of coaching I still feel energetic and definitely not as run down as before, this is definitely because of these mushrooms. Awesome products that I highly recommend.

      Sonja Klindt Gauteng

      I have struggled with severe ovarian cysts for years and used Yasmin to ease the pain, but it came with side effects. After moving to a new town, I was given the wrong contraceptive and felt terminally ill. Then I discovered Tremella Mushroom and started taking it twice a day. It has changed my life! My migraines are 90% gone, my cycle is healthy, and I even get to retain my youthfulness. Thank you for this incredible product. I recommend it to anyone who wants to transform their health.

      Minal Patel Gauteng

      I have been using Achiever Blend for almost a year now. It has made such a difference to my general energy levels and I feel more alert. I feel fresh and ready to handle the day when I wake up in the mornings, I’m able to manage what my day holds with more ease and less anxiety.

      Willem Smuts Gauteng

      Tremella has been particularly helpful for me, I get a sense of wellbeing when I take them and I tend to feel more uplifted, especially upon waking up in the morning, also my immunity is stronger. I get a lot of compliments for my skin since I started taking the Tremella. When I run out of Tremella, I quickly notice how helpful they are, so I take the Tremella continually.

      Martin Viljoen Gauteng

      I can't believe the incredible transformation in my skin since I started using Tremella! As someone who has struggled with dryness and dullness, I was sceptical at first, but now I can confidently say that Tremella has worked wonders. My skin has never been smoother, brighter, or more hydrated. I love that this beauty mushroom is a natural, plant-based ingredient. If you're looking for a natural way to enhance your skin health, I highly recommend Tremella.

      Dr. Isabella van Niekerk Gauteng

      Kuja's mushrooms changed my life. The Tremella hydrated my skin and eliminated hot flushes, while the Achiever Blend gave me focus and energy during races. The Premium Blend l took in combination with the Oncology Assist when I got a stomach ulcer, and it helped heal it in 3 weeks. I've seen it work for so many things, its not just for cancer, it also helped my patients with chronic arthritis too. These mushrooms are truly miraculous. (Rubicon Persona Clinics)

      Almarie Venter Gauteng

      I’m blown away by the positive impact these products have had on my auto-immune struggles. The Oncology Assist and Premium Blend give me sustained energy and clearer thinking, unlike anything else I've tried. Even better, my clients with neurological issues, teens, and children report improved focus and energy levels. Simply put, these products are truly wonderful. (Re-mind Wellness)

      Amritha Rugbeer Gauteng

      I cannot thank Premium Blend enough for the miraculous healing it has brought to my helper, Tracy. When she was diagnosed with an 11cm x 10cm fibroid, I knew we had to act fast. But after just one week of taking the capsules, Tracy felt better, more positive, and energetic. And in just a few short months, the fibroid had reduced to 5cm, leading to the cancellation of her scheduled surgery. Tracy is ecstatic and continues to take Premium Blend. Thank you for your amazing medicinal mushrooms.

      Mickey Freund Gauteng

      I am so in awe of Kuja's Premium Blend! Since taking them I have so much more energy, yet such a sense of peace and calm. I am so much more focused! And I no longer feel it necessary to take additional vitamins and minerals. That all stopped naturally. Quite amazing!

      Sonia de Abreu Teixeira Gauteng

      Achiever Blend gave me the endurance and energy I needed to power through my workouts and day-to-day activities. Not only does it make my gym sessions feel easier, but l have enough energy to keep me going the rest of the day - an absolute game changer for me. And the best part? My kids are benefiting too! Achiever blend helps them focus in school and excel in sports. Thank you Kuja for helping me feel younger than I did 10 years ago with this incredible product!

      Mohammed Bhyat Gauteng

      Since I’ve started using Achiever Blend, I’ve felt a significant difference in my day. There’s an improvement in mental clarity during working hours and an increase in my exercise performance. I can run longer and lift heavier during those intense workouts. Achiever allows me to bring the best version of myself, every day.

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